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LANE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS: Holiday Light Installers

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Want to impress your neighbors this holiday season?   

Don't put your safety at risk by climbing 30 feet in the air to get on your roof... allow our trained & insured professional holiday light hangers to do the work for you - while you sit back and relax during the busy season.

Lane Christmas Lights is back for another season serving Tampa and surrounding areas! We are a seasonal light decorating company. We hang and install lights on residential homes, commercial properties, landscaping/trees, boats and more. We are licensed and insured.  We aim to provide a stress free holiday experience for all our customers. 

Here's how to get started...

  1. Contact us by calling or texting our number: (813) 401-4673, emailing at, Facebook messaging or using the contact form on the home page. We provide customers with a FREE quote!
  2. Text or email us a photo of your home (or of what you would like done). Provide us with your name, address and scope of work you would like done.
  3. Then, we will get started on your quote by measuring your roof's linear footage. We do all of this online. We calculate the footage to our pricing (listed below) to come up with your estimate. 
  4. We will contact you with the quote and set up a date to get your Christmas lights installed.

Christmas Lights Installed Tampa

Prices & FAQ's

Our Prices

Shingle roof pricing

1st  floor $2.00  per foot

2nd floor $3.00 per foot

3rd floor $4.00 per foot

Tile roof pricing

1st floor $2.50 per foot

2nd floor $3.50 per foot

3rd floor $4.50 per foot


Landscape lighting $1.00 per foot

Fence Lighting $1.00 per foot

Palm Trees $75.00 *up to 20 ft

Ligustrums $150.00 - $200.00 per tree

Robellini palm $50 *depending on size

Oak Trees are priced per job based on size

Removal of lights is half the cost of installation... example: $100.00 to install - $50.00 to remove. 

*Prices based off LED LIGHTS -  Incandescent lighting priced separately 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact you?

You can contact us through phone: (813) 401-4673, email:, Facebook: lane Christmas lights or the contact form below. 

Do I have to be home during the installation?

No! Just leave your lights and supplies by your door or in a safe spot and we will install them while you’re gone.

Do you provide the lights?

We offer commercial grade Christmas materials for an additional cost. Our lights can be custom cut to fit your home. These lights will be yours to keep after purchasing. We can also install lights you already own.

What if one of my bulbs go out?

We ask that you inspect the lights before we install. But, if you find a bulb that has gone out we will come back and replace it for a small service charge.


I did not use your company for installation, can we still use you for removal of the lights? 

Yes! We offer removal services for any home- regardless of who installed. Our prices are half of what installation was; if you did not install with us then will be bid your home using our measurements. 

How can I pay?

We accept cash, checks, venmo, and paypal. Unfortunately, we do not accept credit cards at this time.